Part Info & Obsolescence Management

We analyze, research, integrate and report part information


Solution Usage Support

For strategy of part supply and replace, we support specialized solution system


Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We search hard to find parts, discontinued part with our partners


About Us

The goal of Leoinnovision is to reinforce the defensive capability through sustainable weapon system management solutions.

Since 2005, Leoinnovision has been a Certified Parts Information Management Company in the Republic of Korea. We specialize in manufacturer supply point analysis and, parts life cycle management.

Leoinnovision provides web based parts management solutions to DAPA, all ROK military branches and Defense contractors, through its proprietary parts database.

Leoinnovision also conducts government research and procurement projects for obsolete parts through DMSMS(Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) education and consulting services.


Part Info & Obsolescence Management

The Military faces difficulties in maintenance due to manufacturers discontinuation of parts productions. This results in inefficiencies in maintaining weapon systems battle readiness.

Leoinnovision provides key information for decision making by providing analysis, research, integration, and parts reports tailored to our clients needs.

Through our reports clients can proactively make decisions and prepare solutions.

Solution Usage Support

In order for the Military and contractors to gather, analyze and manage parts data it will consume too much resources and time.

Leoinnovision provides specialized parts management systems with a substantial and growing database. If an unknown part is identified LEO will conduct additional research at the clients request.

Leoinnovision provides quarterly reports to announce any changes and alerts of future risk. This provides the clients to mitigate and hedge and make decisions based on data.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

It is difficult to find or obtain parts with old procurement data and incorrect information.

Leoinnovision identify and continuously monitor parts with our international partners to provide the most up to date information for our clients.

Database Build up

The ROK Military requires all manufacturers to provide part life cycle data.

Leoinnovision with the data provided has built a military parts database and provides data to DAPA and all branches of the ROK armed forces.

We support clients to make what ROK military need from them.


Resource Analysis Corporation

Resource Analysis Corporation’s flagship product is our Supportability Management Assessment Report Tool (SMART) which is a world class DMSMS predictive tool software solution.
SMART is embedded with data content from our content partners including the QTEC libraries providing Full Scale DMSMS Closed Loop Decision Support.
SMART takes DMSMS Management to a higher level by incorporating all of the key ingredients required for program DMSMS management.
This web based, state of the art, DMSMS decision support solution is a complete life cycle management and software process with capabilities and options designed to meet your DMSMS requirements.

Q-STAR, Q-Alert, ERP Integration

Embedded and included in a SMART subscription can be a concurrent user license to the QTEC Q-Star Component Lookup web based application and database library.
The QTEC manufacturer database contains over 60 million devices which includes piece part data for active and passive devices and is the foundation for real-time supplier availability updates directly from the manufacturers.
RAC is pleased to partner with Q-Star as a key content and parts database provider.
Q-Star’s toolset was specifically designed to resolve and manage the problems associated with electronic component obsolescence, and all phases of the product "life cycle" including design, procurement, manufacturing and after-market support.

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